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First Responders

You Save Lives. Every Day. We're Here to Help Lighten the Load... 

We Hear You.

We Hear You.

Your job is stressful, but meaningful - everyday you put your life on the line for others.

But who's looking out for you?

We often hear from the men and women that risk their lives defending us that they want to take care of their families, they want:

  • to plan for "what if",
  • to plan for retirement,
  • to have their agency's retirement advisor spend time with them explaining their options and guide them to making the best decision...

But, they have a hard time getting time, and having their questions answered.

Not us.

We take pride in taking care of the community and those that protect and serve, and we are here for you. Reach out today to discuss what your options are, and how we can help. 

It just takes a phone call or an email - whichever you prefer. 

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How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

We've found that most of our clients have unique stories, and needs. We are more than financial advisors, please review our services below and evaluate how we can help you out. 

Protect. Accumulate. Transfer. 

Protect. Accumulate. Transfer. 

We review the most common topics covered initially with our officers/first responders:

1. What is financial planning?

2. Common early mistakes

3. Process & Procedure

4. Questions to ask a financial advisor

5. Expectations & Assumptions when working with an advisor

Click below to see our simplified answers... 

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Chad A. Leigh CLU®, AIF® will be featured in It's A Calling's podcast on how financial stress can effect those in high pressure, high stress positions....

When in the field as a first responder or veteran, sometimes the only thing that saves you from death or injury is the training – following the necessary process or procedure.

Compartmentalizing home life from work life is possible, but financial stressors can fog the mind and rob you from sleep. 

How valuable are the seconds when dealing with a critical incident? 

Our Financial Planning & Retirement Planning Podcast geared towards first responders, veterans and their families provides actionable steps that can impact your life today – using processes and procedures to gain awareness, acceptance, and action.