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Financial Advisor for professional athletes

Take advantage of your highest earning years, do you have a financial coach? 

Questions You Might Have:

  • Who can I trust with my money? 
    • What's the difference between a financial advisor or a fiduciary? 
    • What's the difference between a wealth management advisor and a financial advisor? 
  • How can I maintain my privacy?
  • Should I buy a home in the city I play in, or should I rent?
  • How can I manage my spending and cash flow?
  • Will I have enough to maintain my lifestyle after my sports career? 
  • I'd like to support more charities and leave generational wealth, how do I manage both of these goals? 

What's a Fiduciary Advisor? Why is this Important?:

  • A fiduciary is a common term for a financial advisor who serves under fiduciary duty.

  • These professionals have pledged to make recommendations with your best interest in mind, rather than their own financial benefit.

  • They also disclose any potential conflicts of interest as they advise you on potential investments you may wish to make.

  • Someone can be a financial advisor without adhering to the fiduciary duty. But only those who are fiduciaries have pledged to act first and foremost in their clients’ best interest.

Fear of loss, hope of gain. 

Fear of loss - losing out on financial opportunities, investing poorly, not investing enough, etc.

Hope of gain - you worked this hard to accrue this wealth, let the professionals do the work to help and design a financial plan specific for your needs to take action now towards your future.

What is the full potential of your wealth?

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